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I Don’t Want Emotion, I Want God


At this point in my life, I want to experience God in a real way. I’m well past the point of wanting to be entertained when I go to church. I want to feel God’s presence. I’m not interested in simply having my emotions stirred up. Unfortunately, in many churches, particularly black churches, that I’ve […]

Don’t Waste Your Breath

People use the expression in my title all the time. They use it to encourage others to avoid engaging in pointless conversations and senseless debates; as well as to encourage others not to attempt to convince people to do something that they clearly can’t or won’t do. But, I want you to take the thought one step […]

Dream a Big Dream


Your dream is only as big as you see it in your mind. There’s absolutely no chance it can be any bigger than how you see it. And, the way you see your dream determines if it will see the light of day; or, if it will remain dormant in your mind. If you see […]

Was Jesus All-Knowing?

The question that I pose in my headline seems like a no-brainer, right? If Jesus was God, surely He was All-Knowing. But, before you jump to conclusions, let me present something to you for your consideration. Mark 11:13-14 says: Seeing in the distance a fig tree in leaf, he (Jesus) went to find out if […]

The Rainbow Fish

Yesterday morning, I went to a local community center and read to some children who are struggling to improve their reading comprehension. I read a story by Marcus Pfister entitled, The Rainbow Fish. In the story, The Rainbow Fish is a beautiful fish who is covered with multi-colored scales. He believes he’s too beautiful to play with the […]

How to Handle a Strikeout


Imagine a major league baseball player striking out. Instead of shaking his head and walking back to the dugout, he starts crying, runs to his manager and says, “I’m done. I can’t take this anymore!” How weird would that be? Professional athletes have to become accustomed to failing or messing up from time to time. […]