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This Isn’t How I Pictured my Tenth Anniversary


No one could have told me five years ago that my wife and I would be moving back in with my parents by the time our tenth anniversary rolled around. I would have laughed out loud. Literally. I would have told you we’re going to be on a beach somewhere in the Bahamas. Or, perhaps, […]

If You Love Me…


Has anyone in your life ever tried to back you into a corner with that phrase? Let me tell you something: as soon as someone starts their request with, “If you love me…” a red flag should immediately go up. I’m not saying you should immediately discredit their request; but, you certainly ought to pay […]

If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Break it While Trying to Fix it


I know that’s an incredibly long title, but, unfortunately, I couldn’t think of a more intriguing one. And, “ain’t” is in the dictionary these days; so, it’s cool, right? Anyhow, last night, when I pulled my phone clip off my waist, I noticed that it was stuck in the open position. I had no idea […]

The Value of Perseverance


Of all the characteristics that a person must possess to achieve success in every area of their lives, perseverance is very close to the top of the list. In order to maintain your walk with Christ, develop meaningful relationships, and excel in your career, there will most certainly be times when you will need to […]

I Miss You


While the Christmas season is a joyous time of year for many, it can also be heartbreaking for others. Many people struggle particularly during the holidays because it’s an occasion when they can’t help but remember those who are no longer with them. And, no matter how much they try to enjoy this season, there’s […]

Where Am I?


As a blogger, you want to try to market yourself as an authority in some area of expertise. Whether it’s a hobby, a way of thinking, or a trade, if you can convince your readers that you’re an authority, they will return to your site over and over to glean from your insight. Unfortunately, for […]

The “How” Isn’t Your Concern


Often, when God tells us about something that He has planned for our lives, we automatically try to figure out how we can make it happen. Do you remember Sarah? God promised her husband, Abraham, a son (Gen. 15:4). However, as the story goes, the years went by, Sarah remained barren. The Bible doesn’t make […]