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Let it Go So You Can Move On


Many times, we ask God to help us move on from a difficult situation, but we keep ourselves from moving forward because we hold on to things that we need to let go. An unknown author once said, “Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at […]

The Compassion of Jesus


Charles Spurgeon, a famous nineteenth century English preacher, once said, “If you would sum up the whole character of Christ in reference to ourselves, it might be gathered into this one sentence, “He was moved with compassion.” On many occasions in the Bible, Jesus was compelled to help those who crossed his path. He was […]

By All Means, Avoid these 5 Promise-Blockers


After God has promised you something, it becomes your responsibility to go and possess it. God may have promised you a job that is beyond what you qualify for, but if you won’t take the necessary steps to apply, you won’t get the job. With that being said, here are five things that I believe […]

The Name of Jesus


Many people become uneasy when you start to mention the name of “Jesus.” They’re fine with you saying “my Father” or “God;” but, when you say “Jesus,” the atmosphere of any room begins to change and people’s hearts are pricked in a way that no other name has the power to do. As Christians, we […]

Yes, I’m Thirsty


These days, especially in urban circles, to call a guy “thirsty” is like talking about his mother. That’s because, generally, the word is used to describe a guy who relentlessly and shamelessly pursues a woman who shows him very little attention. A thirsty guy is a guy who compliments every picture on Facebook, and comments […]